5 Questions To Ask Before You Hire A Bus In Sydney

There are so many advantages to hiring a bus or a minibus as a way to get around Sydney. It’s an excellent way to keep your entire group together, gives you the freedom to explore the city together and in many cases can be cheaper than public transport. However, please don’t get caught up in […]

The Advantages Of Hiring A Bus Charter In Sydney

When planning a tour, one of the biggest factors you need to consider is transport. In Sydney there are many options. You could use public transport, take taxis or you could hire a bus or coach. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from hiring a bus charter for your tour. It Keeps […]

A Brief Guide to a Hassle-Free Holiday with the Family

Nothing is more pleasant than spending the holidays with family and friends. Whether it’s a day at the beach or a wildlife tour, most of us can use a short break from the daily grind. The planning the vacation, however, can be troublesome for some. From missing items to bodily injuries, there are many ways […]

Going on a Sightseeing Trip in Sydney? Hire a Chartered Bus

In October 2017, Australia welcomed 8.7 million international visitors, which increased the country’s tourism rate by up to 7.1%. One of the most popular tourism hotspots in Australia is Sydney. It is the country’s largest city and has a growing number of domestic and international visitors. This growth more than doubles that of any other […]

Three Essential Elements for a Successful Travel Tour

Tourism in Australia continues to flourish. Around 663,500 visitors arrived in the country during September 2017; an increase of around 2.6 per cent compared to the same time last year. Since more tourists flock to Sydney and the other big cities, travel tours are increasingly popular. If you’re organising a travel tour of your own, consider these three essential […]

Fun and Educational Attractions at the Sydney Festival 2018

January is a month for Australians, not only because of the New Year but because of the annual Sydney Festival. To celebrate local and international art, the Sydney Festival features different visual arts, musical performances and other kinds of installation for three straight weeks. The event is happening in over 50 locations across Sydney. So […]

Tips for a Safe and Successful School Trip

Here at Mona Vale Coaches, we understand that school trips can be stressful for teachers which is why we provide a complete bus charter service, allowing teachers to focus on their students. To further help teachers make a trip more enjoyable, we’ve gathered the following tips for them: Explain Behavioural Expectations to Kids When you […]

Planning to Tour a Group of Seniors? Hire a Chartered Coach

There are many aspects to consider when planning a day tour for the elderly. You would have to make sure that the destinations are favourable and suitable for a group of senior citizens. The destinations should preferably have wheelchair access, toilets for the disabled and parking for senior citizens. One of the most important aspects […]

Why Hire a Minibus for a Corporate Trip

Planning a corporate trip should always be done in advance to ensure a smooth flow of activities during the day of the trip. One important detail to consider when planning the trip is the mode of transportation. You wouldn’t want the company’s staff to go to the venue in their own personal car. For one, […]

Why You Should Hire a Bus Charter for Sporting Events

Local sporting events are great opportunities for you to display your school spirit. However, they can also be quite challenging to organise. Transport is a major issue with sporting events. But with a trustworthy transport system, going to and leaving a sports stadium will be the least of your worries. Mona Vale Coaches tells you how. Leave […]